With us, ordering from your favourite retailers is simple. With a choice of more than 500 merchants and dependable local grocers across North America, you may shop for products from locations close to you. After that, we will put you in touch with a local personal shopper who will shop for you and deliver your order. In addition, we provide contactless delivery with our “Leave at my door” option.

With the app or website, you can keep tabs on the status of your order and stay in touch with your customer at every stage.

Moreover, we provides curbside pickup at a few retail locations. A shopper will prepare your order in the store once you place your order and select a pickup time.

Use the website to inform us when you arrive at the shop. The groceries may be delivered to your car by a customer or a store staff, or you may pick them up at the designated location, depending on the retailer.

You don’t need a retailer club membership to order from warehouse clubs.

Create an account, choose the store you want to shop at, and then place your purchase to get started. Free delivery promos can be available for brand-new clients.

Costs alcohol delivery Oakville for same-day purchases over $35 start at $3.99. There are different prices for one-hour alcohol delivery Newmarket, club shop deliveries, and deliveries under $35.

Pickup: Your pickup order can include a “pickup fee” (which is comparable to a delivery price for pickup orders).

Service charges: Service charges alter and vary depending on your location and the quantity and variety of things in your basket. Newmarket alcohol delivery orders have an additional service charge.

You may get free delivery on all orders over $35 and cheaper service fees with an extra Instacart Express subscription.

For alcohol delivery Brampton orders, tipping is optional but suggested. It’s a fantastic method to express your customers’ gratitude and acknowledge outstanding service. Your gratuity is given entirely to the shopper who brings your order.

Getting in touch with your customer is simple. Your shopper will follow your replacement selections if an item you desire is out of stock at the store.

When your things are being purchased and delivered, you may communicate directly with your shopper and put up item and delivery instructions in advance. For example, the shopper might be instructed to:

Get the Best Match: By default, your customer will choose a substitute for your item using their best judgment.

If your original option is out of stock, you can choose a specific replacement for the customer to purchase.

Don’t Replace: If an item is out of stock and you’d prefer not to replace it, select “Don’t replace” to receive a refund.

You can modify or cancel your purchase if your customer has yet to begin shopping. When the shopping has already started, if you need to make adjustments, you may utilize the app or website to authorize substitutions or talk with your shopper.

You have choices if something isn’t right alcohol delivery Hamilton Ontario. You may report on the app or website:

  • missing things
  • Inaccurate items
  • harmed goods
  • defective replacements
  • Late/early orders

You can contact us if an order never arrived or you get someone else’s order.

Our primary concern is for the community’s health and safety. Using our Leave at My Door alcohol delivery 24 hours Hamilton function, and we are pleased to provide contactless delivery now.

You can have your groceries delivered without having to come to the door or be at home with Leave at My Door delivery. During checkout, you may give your shopper delivery instructions, and we’ll let you know when your order has been delivered.

The default setting for all our alcohol delivery Brampton is now “Leave at My Door.” Just uncheck the “Leave at my door if I’m not around” option during checkout if you’d prefer not to use this function.

When they interact with consumers, we require shoppers to put on masks.